Hello! I am a husband, father, pastor, church planter, and business man. If i could pick one verse to describe me it would be Isaiah 26:9 "Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts."  Jesus, your name be lifted high! My background includes extensive experience as a business professional and in pastoral ministry, which has given me a unique voice in today’s culture and a burden for extending the grace of the gospel to our city.

I am gifted by God as a leader and entrepreneur. Strategic planning, vision setting, coaching, project management, facilitation have all been integral to my role in building and launching new products, new businesses, and new ministries. To God be the glory! I have grown as a leader through opportunities like leading the new business development effort to create and launch a million-dollar new service offering for Chamberlin Edmonds. Another example as a pastor at the Vine was organizing and leading an evangelistic study, ALPHA, which culminated in over half the participants put their faith in Christ.

I am a creative. Innovative ideas, creative teaching concepts, new approaches to solve problems, entrepreneurial new businesses, are all important aspects to the work that I do as a pastor and business man.  I have used this creativity in projects like the development of a new product offering for Thomas and Betts which led to patent recognition and new product of the year honors, in engineering roles like working on projects to improve the Space Shuttle for NASA, and as a preacher in building a sermon around three stories (listen to this here).

My call to church planting began when I was in college: it was during this time that I committed my life to Christ as well as receiving the call of God to pastoral ministry.  This call is what has led me to complete my Master of Divinity, to my current role as a pastor at the Vine Community Church and now to church planting. I have received a full recommendation as a church planter from the MNA Church Planting Assessment Center and the South Dawson project is a church plant of the Vine Community Church and is part of the Presbyterian Church in America.


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